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What you have learned?I have learned a lot throughout this course.  Many of the assignments had me look at different resources and I found a variety of new technologies that I can use in the classr…

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Isis Tempus Mission

At the start of the Mission, we were broke into smaller groups to better search the Tempus. There was a member of each subgroup ( command, scientists, etc) in these newly formed groups. I was part of the blue group who flew out to the airlock dock. We traveled as a team and found Admiral Spkyer who was sitting down and appeared to be affected by the radiation on the ship. We were instructed to return him to the Prometheus, but that came as a challenge. Admiral Spkyer was not very cooperative and we had to use force( a well placed gun shot) to get his attention. He followed us to the shuttle where we transported him back to the Prometheus.

Once aboard the Prometheus, we put Admiral Spkyer in the Brig in a protective cell. We then returned to the Tempus trying to find the missing crew. We later learned that the crew was sent out into space at the orders of Admiral Spkyer. We then returned to to Prometheus to debrief with the entire crew about the events on the Tempus. Overall, it was a successful mission.

Drop Pods

Here are the pictures from my Drop Pod training. After following the instructions, I decided to ride in the pod to see where it was going. It was a pretty cool ride that left me in the middle of the sky somewhere. I was able to leave the pod and return to the ship where I had the pod return to the ship. Seems to be a great way to move a number of people to a specific location. I now know what the first time aboard the Prometheus required.



Here I am, Security Officer Jack Skellington. My security team and I make sure that the Prometheus is safe. We have already had to fend off robotic machines that sought to take control of our ship. We check in with each group to make sure everything is running smoothly.

How People Learn

How People Learn

Learning theories can be quite complex. There are numerous leaders in the psychology field who share some similarities and differences. One thing is clear, there is enough information for any learning theory to be accepted by a person. The two I have chosen are Behaviorism and Connectivism. These two learning theories are quite different, one being at the beginning of the study of learning ( Behaviorism) and the other is more of a current theory (Connectivism). In my opinion, they have more similarities than previously thought.

The image above gives a very brief look into each theory. The guiding feature behind Behaviorism is positive reinforcement through drill and practice and the guiding feature behind Connectivism is a self fulfilling quest for knowledge. I believe they are connected to each other. Positive reinforcement does have its place in learning, I am currently completing this assignment for the points. Positive reinforcement encourages self directed learning. Since I had to look at learning theories for this assignment, I now am more curious about the different types and want to seek more information. If I had no reinforcement, than what would be the initial purpose of self directing my learning? These two learning theories, in my opinion, actually work off of one another.

What do you think, do you believe that self directed learning needs to have positive reinforcement?

What is starting point in either learning theory?


Sploder Game-Types

Platformer Creator:
This game was really frustrating at first, but after I got the hang of it, it was really fun. I loved the power ups and the strategy.
Goal of the game
Ability to power up and replay

Lack of instruction on controls

Physics Puzzle Maker:
I really like this type of game. It requires strategy in addition to skill.
Ability to retry
Goal of the game

3D Mission Creator:
This was a fun game which the user has to use strategy to win the game. It does require shooting skills and hand eye coordination.

Goal of the game
Ability to have multiple lives

Length, wanted more!
Controls were at times difficult

Classic Shooter:

Required strategy
Required skill
Graphics were visually stimulating

Seemed a bit basic
Game play did not last long
Not too challenging

Retro Arcade:

I am not a fan of retro arcade games. This is similar to Mario Smash brothers or Donkey Kong

Requires skill
Goal is obtainable

Goal of the game
Lack of responses from controls at times