Game-Based Learning

This is a concept that I am quiet passionate about. In my own experiences, I have found that game-based learning has improved and changed learning for students.  One of the hardest parts of educating today’s children is the level of engagement. Students live in a world with constant activity and stimuli, the traditional nature of school is just not interesting. When students are disengaged, learning occurs at a very shallow level, most is forgotten very quickly.

According to Lee, “Gamification can motivate students to engage in the classroom, give teachers better tools to guide and reward students, and get students to bring their full selves to the pursuit of learning.” Game-based learning allows students to see value in assignments due to the game based nature. Students are already interested in games, the buy in is not difficult for students.

John Hopkins University states that, games are being integrated into a range of other curricular activities. Games are enhancing traditional educational tools such as lectures, discussions, lab reports, homework, fieldtrips, tests, and textbooks. There is a misconception that games are not serious and are taking over classrooms. The best game based approach is to combine games with traditional educational activities. The key part is to engage the learning, which can be achieved by games. A hybrid exists of tradition and game-based learning can allow students to learn at a deeper level than ever before.


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